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Damien Hirst - The Currency Poster Set. 4x

Artist: Damien Hirst
Year of Release: 2019
Medium: Big Size Exhibition poster on 220gsm fine art paper
Edition: Unknown number produced as promotional items.
Size: 90x 60cm. Unframed!

In great condition. As New. No major damages.
Always stored within the tubes.
A great future investment seen the pricing of current older poster sets of Hirst.

The Currency, the first NFT collection by Damien Hirst.
Starting with the creation of the physical artworks in 2016, The Currency explores the boundaries of art and currency—when art changes and becomes a currency, and when currency becomes art.

Collectors had 1 year to decide between the digital NFT or the physical artwork, both of which are artworks in their own right.
Whichever was picked, the other got burned.
After the Exchange deadline, on 27th July 2022, the final NFT Supply is 4,851 NFTs.

5,149 NFTs were burned in exchange for the physical artworks.
The collection was launched on the Palm blockchain, which is a token-powered ecosystem for NFTs connected to Ethereum.

It is 99% more energy efficient than proof of work systems such as Bitcoin.
The Currency NFTs can be moved to Ethereum using the Palm NFT Bridge.

Damien Steven Hirst is an English artist, entrepreneur, and art collectors.
He is one of the Young British Artists (YBAs) who dominated the art scene in the UK during the 1990s.

He is reportedly the United Kingdom's richest living artist, with his wealth estimated at $384 million in the 2020 Sunday Times Rich List.

Hirst is from the same generation artists as JonOne, KAWS, Imbue, Seen, Banksy, JR, M. chat, Fake, Parra, Pantone, Arsham, Vhils, Saraiva, Basquiat, Haring, Koons, Cattelan, Murakami, Stik, Invader, and Dface.

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Damien Hirst (after)

The Currency Poster Set

A- (gut - winzige Unvollkommenheiten)
60×90 cm