Cornicupia Horn of Plenty


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The Cornucopia (Latin; cornu (horn) and copia (stock)) is called the Horn of Plenty in Dutch. This legendary item, which (as the name suggests) brought abundance, originated in Greek mythology. According to the myth, the Cornucopia is the horn of the goat Amalthea, who nursed Zeus in Crete. In thanks, Zeus placed her in the sky as a constellation and her horn gave its holder whatever he or she desired.

This beautiful horn with pewter decorations is 28 cm high and 30 cm wide with lid and knob.

Under the knob (in the shape of a face of a Norman) is the name of the maker, this is also under one of the feet. It can be read on the tail that this beautiful object is handmade.

The knob is loose from the lid, the lid doesn't really close properly on the top.